What Dentists Do When Correcting Dental Injuries

In the US, accidents happen every day, and dental patients need surgery for correcting any accident-related damage. Dental professionals offer surgical procedures for addressing the injuries and restoring the face, mouth, and teeth. Maxillofacial surgery encompasses all requirements for complete reconstruction after a serious accident. Dental professionals explain what procedures patients need most often.

Bone Grafts for Jaw Damage

Bone grafts correct damage to the jawbones. Dental professionals perform the grafts to correct jawbone damage and restore its strength. When replacing missing teeth, dentists use the bone grafts for securing dental implants. The strength of the jawbone dictates if the patient is a viable candidate for dental implants or other permanent tooth replacement services.

Correcting Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue damage occurs during accidents, too. The facial structure requires surgeries for restoring its support and correcting any deformities that occurred during the accident. Maxillofacial surgeries are common for patients suffering damage to their faces in an accident. Oral surgeons perform tissue grafts for correcting the problems and making the face look normal.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

All damaged teeth require corrective services when breaks and chips are present. Dental bonding is a top option for reconstructing damaged teeth. Dentists use composite resin for the procedures and use ultraviolet light to cure the resin. The procedure is a better choice for using the existing portion of a tooth for these purposes. Dentists apply the resin onto the natural tooth and reshape it.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Dental implants are the most popular choice for replacing missing teeth. The devices require a titanium root and an implant crown. Dentists offer individual implants and plates that replace sections of teeth. Dental implants look more natural and come in a variety of colors to match a patient’s natural teeth.

In the US, accidents produce facial, mouth, and tooth damage. Dislodged teeth are a common occurrence during an accident. Replacement and reconstruction services help patients restore their confidence and replace missing teeth. Dental bonding is a common form of reconstructed used by dental professionals. Patients who have sustained facial, mouth, or tooth damage can contact a dental professional about complete dental reconstruction now.